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Dismantling 8th Principle Anti Racism

This man in hosting these workshops I believe is holding work shops at the congregation to sell markets under the guise of a Dr. of Psychology. Early in the pandemic when the congregation was learning how to use the internet and zoom, they allowed him to advertise a 3 course workshop 2 times at the cost of $50 per individual attending. And had books he supposedly authored to sell to members of the congregation or workshop at $25 per book. Which is strange because I don't remember someone needing to specifically sell books to members which already attended workshops or even sermons which had already provided the same content. We did however were allowed in on the first class which coincided with the Sunday sermon at that time about the Anti Racism Workshop. This individual claims he moved from the U.S to Canada to get away from Racism only to find Canada was extremely Racist itself which is why he strangely joined the Feminist/Lesbian Church.

Since I found out sometime between 2015 and 2016 the Minister also is Tax exempt and not just the stories I've heard of Religious organizations are exempt, I wonder, would it be possible the congregation also awards guest speakers to host sermons Tax Exempt Income per sermon? If this is true that would ultimately explain the administrations decisions I've noticed since September of 2013 just prior to joining the congregation and subsequent intentional negligence directed at my needs.

Links to Reddit: Introducing the Host Speaker

Wilbern Hayden before allowing his son Don Hayden to take over

Part 2 of Wilbern Hayden and son Don Hayden

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