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Letters to Dr. Jordan Peterson

As of late, I've been having issues understanding commentaries between Psychologists like Dr. J Peterson, Therapists, and Counselors. All of which whom were and are supposed to help people, yet conversations between all these practitioners' seem contradictory and confusing. Forgive me if I seem choppy and incoherent as I'm trying to understand the methods being used by these people.

Just like Kevin O'Leary, He doesn't like Justin Trudeau, both have different reasons. Or Perhaps the same when it comes to taxation. But they both have mentioned repeatedly they don't care who the Prime Minister is. Well, if that was the case, why haven't these two not voted him out? We all know Kevin O' Leary complains he doesn't like paying more Taxes than he feels he has too. And Dr. J. Peterson claims he doesn't like Justin Trudeau because he acts like a child, runs away from responsible leadership, and lies. Well, what the fuck should we care since they both don't care who the leader of Canada is? And isn't what lying, cheating, and stealing been part of politics since ever? what good would it do to complain about a leader of a country do when you don't care to vote against it? Not that I, like 98% of the worlds' population, have been witnessing this kind of game my whole life?

Calling him an over entitled teenager who wouldn't grow up, if illusions were self perceptions, and that man in the Mirror is Trudeau and you called him a over grown Teenager, wouldn't that make you an over grown teenager? And why would we care about what you think when we already know and see who and what our Leader Of Canada is? If it's true that other humans' actions or a manifestation of self worth, why would you blame the majority of Canadians who voted against him? As therapists have told me, that would make you an over grown teenage narcissist, wouldn't it? Trudeaus not my manifestation or the man in my mirror. So who could've possibly manifested his leadership? You think someone groomed him to be a Narcissist Leader of Canada if not a manifestation of a previous generations domestic disturbance issues? You know what I speak of. Back in the 80's when divorce sky rocketed, women got the children and the house regardless if they were suffering from battered wife syndrome. And used their vengeful behavior to groom the eldest (If more than one child was present) to take up all than father figure roles and was given access on how to what therapists call grey rocking, cold shouldering, and crying to emotionally abuse another person. Including children in a divorced parents issues, wouldn't that teach a child to be decisive in teaching the eldest all the life skills and intentionally neglect basic skills on the youngest? Wouldn't this behavior also carry into the real world long after the children move out?

Doesn't anyone, whos been victimized by narcissist divorced parents, think its weird that you'd use the "I'm just trying to help create character and manning people up!" as something as an alcoholic father would say and do when he comes home to beat his wife and child? Seems like that kind of coaching tactic was already used on me but not by you. It was used on me already several times up to this point of my life. First in my own family and social circles, than at school, and the out in the work force during my early 20s to mid 30s. You think that this may be the reason why leftists and women of suffering from battered wife syndrome would consider you a ultra right wing Christian misogynistic father figure? Seems like something fishy to me cause I have never used this tactic on anyone. Yet women of all ages have accused me of such thoughts and behaviors which include, "You just want to have sex" and "You're a racist white Bigot!". Has anyone in the Professional Medical and Health industries consider this sketchy? Because these ideas don't and have never been taught in elementary school or highschool. Perhaps Dr. J. Peterson taught and instructed the younger generations of women along side grooming Men like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be an incapacitated narcissist hellbent on the destruction of the weaker society. I wouldn't know because when I came to psychologists' such as your self before you became a celebrity psychologist, they said the same thing you did when someone claimed our leader looks like Fidel Castro, they just brushed me off as resentful and an attention seeking person who's just wanting stardom in there life. All because I was in need of help with dealing with individuals such as Justin Trudeau.

Since life has changed while you were absent or absent minded, since you said you worked for the U.N when the U.N like Nato didn't help prevent the slaughter of oppressed Rawandians on anyone who was seen or part of the oppressive group, and you didn't seem to notice that was happening. What about when Live Aid happened back in the 80's? You know, When U2 kicked the world off with Do they know its Christmas followed by Michael Jacksons We are the world and Canadas Tears are not enough? Did you not see the African Guerillas from the Top Down intercepted the humanitarian aid on a subsequent occurrence? And what about Unicef, how is it that UNICEF that stopped endangering our children during halloween time from raising money to send to Africa each year not even get to its' recipients'? Supposedly $2 Million a year gets raised and yet you claim the Africans have it harder than we do as they are still somehow more starving than I am when I have never seen more than $100 in my bank account for more than 2 days in my entire life? Seems weird and impossible that you just woke up one day when Trudeau became leader of a free world western country and that made you behave gitty and resentful? As if Trudeau is some sort of Dictator which the world has never seen. And freezing Banks? What makes you think that has never been done to Canadians before? What was that you said, my generation, whos been actively stripped of our dignity and rights right from day one some how have it easier than the previous generations? And Now you, like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew, Dr. Grande are all coming to realize what I've been enduring my whole life when you all just brushed us off as resentful, entitled, little teenage children. What gives?

For all I know, and the knowledge of the public you speak too who have never been part of these issues, you are the one who groomed Justin Trudeau to become a narcissistic teenage leader of a free world just so you can play fundamentalist super hero by blame and shaming the victims of abuse and/or get others who've either already moved on, have no ability to fight, or unaware of how narcissism works to do your fundamentalist attacks for you.

What of your wife and daughter? Why are we supposed to care about them when you haven't helped us with our family dynamics? Is there something you're hiding? For some reason Dr. Phil has been doing the same thing, bringing his wife and son into public view for all to see while you and him claim to be helping families out. Isn't that you are not supposed to do in Psychology? Bring others into a domestic issue and create more injuries? Isn't that what abusive and oppressive parents do leading up to a savage divorce? Abuse there children by putting the children between them? Seems to have already been done in my family and in an entire generation of families I grew up with.

I've also heard him claim playing stupid is good usually when dealing with someone like Trudeau. Well that's an extremely strange thing to say because I had a co - worker at Wendy's back in 2004 - 2005 who told me the same thing before he became supervisor. If playing stupid is something Dr. J. Peterson would make that suggestion, doesn't he think a narcissist like Trudeau have already learned that trick? Like playing stupid to the Audience only for conservatives to play stupid, wouldn't that just make the person being bullied look like a resentful little child too?

The sky isn't falling, or at least if it is it's only yours that's falling. My sky fell years ago and I've already found someone to help me put it back together and maintain it. Now you want to suck me back into fear mongering tactics that I've already have gotten over. If yours is falling, that means you didn't pay attention and you think its other peoples job to soften the blow when you come crashing down by the same person who done that to me already when you brushed me off as resentful and emotionally disturbed.

Why are other therapists telling me to not engage with a narcissists and try the safest way to get out of that relationship while you're reversing that and instructing us back into Stockholm Syndrome with them? If you are the skilled practitioner trained to deal with them, why cant you help deal with them?

My biggest interest is the cost of my life and the livelihoods of others violated by the kinds of people Practitioners speak of and the supposed negligence of mental health professionals as they seem be using politics to hide their true nature just so they can play innocent bystander.

- Kevin Miller-


Books and YouTube Bios I feel that could help people understand trauma based development and how these people are still apparent today. What I have noticed that childhood development and environmental negligence by those who were and are paid to stop this from happening.

Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain

The Stranger Beside me: Ted Bundy Jeffary Dahmer Serial Killer Documentaries

A few links to Therapists and Coaches I feel that when helping dealing with narcissists in the real life and I have noticed in some of their videos, it seems they have contradicted Dr. Petersons claims on handling people like Trudeau since Immature and narcissists like Trudeau are practically everywhere. Anna Psychology: Dr. Grandes presentations and his comments on Dr. Jordan Peterson. Anna Psychology: When Manipulative People Weaponize Psychology Lingo Dr. Ramani: The fine act of discernment (key to avoiding narcissistic relationships) Dr. Ramani: The narcissist's victim-bully complex Lisa A Romano: CHILDHOOD TRAUMA AND EMOTIONAL NEGLECT MAKE IT HARD TO TRUST YOUR INTUITION/LISA ROMANO

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