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McBride Career Group

When I had joined McBride Career Group for their so called employment workshop I was under the impression I'd get suport for employment. Didn't feel like an organization that helped people get and retain employement, more it had been used for political attacks against single, struggle, unemployed males who needed the employment annd adequat financial support. A place for unemployed women to abuse the system and dump there psychological, psychological, and politcal issues on the few of us men who are already possibly isolated and unable to get support and defand themselves from abusive behaviour and abuse of power. This all the while accusing me and possibly other men of having all kinds of supposed support and privilage.

I had already lost my job at a liqour for standing up for myself against a manager, whom of which I had a run in with in 2003/2004, that, I felt, and was proven later, was illegally taking advantage of me and the staff, when I applied for the six month workshop course as advised by my mother as she has heard about this place via other social services since shes a social worker. I got in and signed a contract, as everyone else had done so that I'm aware of, which stated an absence of 3 days will mean the organization will automaticelly terminate the contract and funding (which was and probably still is miniscule) provided. I didnt appreciate the fact I had to wait almost a full month for the first and second months funding since I was already behind due to the fact I had already lost my job. I signed this contract as I had no money and no support to find employment on my own.

Didn't take them long to drop the first and only individual from the workshop for violating the contracts terms of service, which I didnt feel was strange until later on. A young native female who missed the maxed days and was removed from the 6 month course and all funding. The problem I started seeing after this lone removal of this individual was almost immediatly after the removal of the female others had started doing the same thing. Missing one day, two days, three days, and eventually multiple days at a time without any remorse or consequence for their actions. Being the only male in our course, I was completely afraid of bringing this up to anyone for fear they were going to make excuses for the actions of the women who started skipping multiple days without rhyme or reason aside the only reason allowed which was dropping of resumes and having interviews. Which I knew wasn't happening because, we all know after the 2008 recession, jobs were still too few and far in between. And I had a had time even getting to certain places to apply to places supposedly seeking to hire people. Even when I dropped resumes off, nothing had been done to hire anyone while keeping the Employees Needed signs up long after I applied. There for there was no reason for any of them to skip that many days at a time and still get funding.

Being a guy I knew full well that if I missed a day thay'd be pissed and start prying by asking me why I missed a full day. Matter of fact now I mentioned it, I did miss a day as I was overwhelmed by stress to the point of sickness and needed stress. And could tell there had been near silent gossep and hints of some sort of privalige all for one day missed. Stress as I had been kicked out almost a month or so in to the course because they had us wait for rent and my rent had racked up service charges and I had to pay more from my first pay period and since I couldnt make the following months rent I quickly cancelled my contract, which at the time I had renewed. My landlord was nice enought to not charge me for breaking the lease less than a month after renewing. The women employed by Mcbride, I could tell, believed that just because my moms a social worker that somehow I'm magically getting full support from her. This was because my courses' instructer, a trained female psychologist, had publicly asked about my family life. As if to say that I already got all the support needed for a single male in need of actual support.

Cant remember specifically when which event happened or which order, but here it is.

One of the native women, and this one was completely notorious for missing days at a time and I think she intentionally missed at least a week at a time and showed up maybe two days at time and was never removed for violating the contract we were all given, when she was mouthing off about her ex and criticizing his genitalia. If I remember I asked her not to speak in such a manner and did my best to tell her that wasn't appropriate for the class. "Fake ass COP!" she loudly accused. Couldn't believe she was allowed to even speak in such a manner and the instructer did absolutely nothing and allowed it to happen. This instructer who claims to be a trained psychologist. I was so incredibly offended by this demeaning accusation. Especially by one who already stated she was removed by her own home due to abuse and as I found out later she was living at one of the addiction centres downtown Calgary and hadn't spent any time caring about her children. Perhapes she was using one of previous class teachings we had earlier in our workshop course, one which our instructer encouraged us to scream and shout at another class mate. This class was kinda weird and out of place since I had already been accused of being aggressive, abusive, and somehow out to hurt a woman. My whole life, predominantly women of in place of different powers, told me this was considered abuse to women. Even when I was defending myself against, teenaged females and women teachers, people of all ages at school in almost every grade I can remember. Being encouraged by a female psychologist instructer to shout and scream at a female class mate was way out of what I felt was realistic when it came to responding to someone to stupid to know when they intentionally step out of bounderies to continue harrasse me.

Another female, little bit younger than me, whom I noted did follow the follow the female crowd and skip multple classes from time to time, had accused me of somehow being arrogant. I can't even remember the issue we were conversing about. But considering the fact that she apparently was using her younger brother to parent him and skip classes, I had already accumulated an irritation of womens rights being over sold and being used as an excuse to put me through stupid conversations about nothing of reality in anything in life, that I think I had told that most of what she was saying, and I know this as she was talking about the same dumb conversations about womens rights which I been cornered into taking part in my whole life, had been fed to her. Something along that line. I was already really irritated by the idea that women are specifically allowed to miss as many days as the please all because they are women and have some how more problems than I do and somehow I have more privilage than them.

As the second last course of our six monthif I remember correctly, winded down to and to the last class. What I heard was our instructer seemed to have used some old type of freudian teaching about sex. Which I found kinda weird for this type of setting. Presenting what I already learned in Psychology class about social connections and sex being one of the primal connections which people tend to need when advancing the next stage of Carl Jungs pyramid scheme, kinda out of place for an organization designed and publicly advertised as a third party government agency whos sole intention is to help people in need gain employment. Stumped and confused by this, I was pretty much speechless and had no clue how to even voice my concern on how this is even relevant. Before I could say anything, the same girl who stated I was arrogant had openly said "Women are interested in Emotional Sex!" Man, I have never once ever thought sex has anything to do with getting work. Ever!!!! Thats unless everyone' as Ben Shapiro stated "A Lesbian Sex Worker" who use female sexualoty to move up the corporate latter. The Case study give, "If you were cut off from your significant other by a river full of allegators and the only way to get across was a 2 person rowboat in which the dock keeper wouldn't let you across unless you had sex with them, would you?" Stupid as it was, which I never said out loud, my answer is no. All the females in attended said yes as they wanted to get across the river to show there love for there husband. Good God is what I thought. Isn't that what money is for, paying the old timer money so he can get me to see the other person? By the way, what happens if the situation were teens. Than what? Would this scenario be allowed if the dock worker was an old ass geezer and the person was a teen just wanting to cross the river full of flesh eating swamp water animals so she can see her boyfriend? This issue was kinda bothersome so much that I wanted to speak to the only male psychologist alone. I thought counselling would've been great but gotten a little too creepy for my liking. I really wanted to get the idea of sex being promoted as some sort of tool for womens social club development to be stopped. Not only did I feel unnerved about sex being publicly presented in an organization where the sole intention is for these psychologists to help lesser fortunate people to get work but I felt they were intentionally using the situation to demean me by using sex as a tool so the can openly accuse me of being a typical male and wanting to have sex with women. I've already been through that situation many times as I have stated as early as I can recall. "We're all sexual creatures, we're all sexual beings!" He exclaimed. Man this guy's got the real creeper goatee going on here. The same white ass goatee I've subsequntly heard through out my child hood and teenage years that guys have when they pray upon young girls. I remember being stumped a fully grown man and psychologist would be so dismissive and condescending to the point I had shivers up my back bone. Nevermind, I thought and went back to the days' class. And remembered wanting to have this course to be done with

Now the final class of the workshop before my six month course had finished and was no longer allowed to use there services had been troublesome. Tasha Knott, if I can recall, was the only other person whom supervised a class. The only class she did was the actual job seeker class for final month of my course. She had seemed to care much a whole plenty that for the most part people came in and looked at facebook for most of the day. She too, I could almost attest too that her absence from ensuring people were looking for work. Not that she didn't come to peek and see if people where making resumes and applying for available jobs. But for the final month, I didn't feel thats where her attention was. However, I did feel she was more interested in targeting being the only male and predominantly the only person whose shown up everyday to look for work. Just so I can get the financial assistance I needed to pay rent and eat since noone made a move to hire me and/or give the adequate support I needed to ensure I was working. Several times she was more interested in asking me specifically what I was doing than what the few others were doing in the employment room. Applying for work had been my answer for the days she asked. Since I knew I couldn't even rationalize how she'd let people come in at spend most of the day doing nothing but dick around on face book and whatever people did. Only once did she ever had she given me a ride to drop a resume off. This was the second last class of my course when she took me and dropped me off at peters drive thru as it was the only place still with a hiring sign up. Even when I already dropped many resumes off and they only hired mostly women and immigrants to work there. Tasha Knott, I don't remember Tasha Knott giving me a ride home though. I only had enough money to get home so I had no other way to get around if I had an interview. Didn't matter anyway, since all the resumes I sent out via email and dropped off didn't do anything. Especially when the McBride gave me no insurance they'de ensure I'd be employed.

Six month course with this organization that supposedly was ensure those of us whom are in need of employment support didn't not help as they advertised as such. They only spent time promoting dumb crap like sex, womens rights, and what I've been told as verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse. Particularly in an enviroment that has suggests all abuse is a male who assualts women and children. Six months of my life wasted and government spending down the drain with nothing to show for it.

I'm not even sure this Government Agency is any longer valid, if it ever was, and non essential to todays issues of employment.


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