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Story of Mustard Seed supported by

I had moved into the Mustard Seed 1010 building September of 2014 under the impression it was to house low income workers as advertised by former Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Wasn't long after I noticed inconsistencies relating to the lease I signed with them which many also had issues with. Much of which has me wondering about the difference between Private Not for Profit Subsidized housing and Publicly funded Subsidized housing and legal practices involved such as Fraud, Tax Fraud, and Theft.

This idea comes as one of the FORMER OWNER OF THE CALGARY ASSOCIATION AND CURRANT OWNER OF PURE NORTH S’YNERGY ALLEN MARKEN is the supposed Owner/Founder and private funder of this specific 1010 Building which he had promoted his product for a short time while he was charging huge money for his products. Products claimed to promote health with fraudulent blood sample reports from early patients of the Calgary Mental Health Association I think it was.

Here are the issues I’ve noticed.

Renters Insurance

First thing I noted was I had never heard of Renters Insurance before and never thought I needed any as I already couldn’t afford anything outside rent. I was already being charged extra for help from cleaning services as provided by the 1010 building as charge was included in our rent. My rent was $750/month at the time. I only bought the first year and only year of renters insurance as it was already pricey and I had no other income to provide to cover costs which would infringe on my income.


Those of us with vehicles were forced to pay an extra $100/month and those who didn’t weren't allowed to have a parking stall. Which is weird because this, as advertised to me and others, was to be a privately owned Not for Profit subsidized housing for low income workers or borderline individuals on AISH (Social Assistance) . Wouldn't this mean parking is free to the tenant?

Parking was made available free to staff and supposed Volunteers of the organization. If I’m to be charged an additional $100/month for a parking stall, why on earth are the Staff and Volunteers allowed to use the parking stall to their advantage? Wouldn’t this be stealing?


Since when are Staff, Volunteers, and eventually homeless people from INN FROM THE COLD ORGANIZATION, allowed to consume food raised by the public and assigned to us only? This organization raised funds for the food under the impression we are or were being fed directly during Holiday Feasts, Special event feasts like Taco Tuesdays, and BBQS. Yet the staff and volunteers were allowed to consume the food too. Wouldn't this be considered theft? Since public funds were donated by the people of Calgary? And eventually those being housed at INN FROM THE COLD were allowed to consume food too. If THE MUSTARD SEED ORGANIZATION and INN FROM THE COLD are actively two separate charity entities which funds are donated to the charities by the public which would mean INN FROM THE COLD would have their own Holiday Feasts and BBQs? This had ventured into board games too. Now I know not everyone cares about gaming and not just online gaming but board and card games, but wouldn’t people of the Mustard Seed 1010 building.

worry about where the money they donated would go and not be sent to other organizations?


The lack of basic cleaning and maintenance has had many of us subsequently questioning the staff's true intent during multiple Landlord/Tenant meetings. All to no avail. Not only did they not make too much effort in helping with basic Tenant cleanliness as offered via Contract, they intentionally didn't even clean the building on a regular basis after Staff, Volunteer, And Organization events like games/movie night and holiday feasts. They one member of staff said it wasn't their job to clean up after staff and volunteers. And Maintenance? For some reason this was the first time in my life that I had ever entered a building in which the Elevators were in disrepair. A new building finished construction and opened to the public March or April of 2014 about six months before I moved in. Strange. The elevators rarely kept functioning simultaneously as when one was fixed both being on line at the same time lasted anywhere from 1 minute to a month before the other broke down causing issues during an insane amount of Emergency Fire Drill programs which seemed to be strangely more active for a building that I have ever witnessed in my life. Like every other week a fire alarm went off. Sometimes it took the maintenance staff up to 4 weeks to 5 weeks to fix an elevator before the other one broke down.

Then we had problems with the Laundry services which seemed to have subsequently broken down machines and had to use ours who lived on the top floor. This is one of the issues the staff bitched at us over if they didn't have the repairman in on time as somehow since the majority of the tenants couldn't afford a basic landline, they were calling the laundry service repairman. This caused those of us on the top floor severe issues with laundry since they had two washers and two dryers each floor and we were restricted from other floors to use their laundry services or visit. Only Floors all tenants had access to were the Main Floor, 2nd Floor where the patio was, and Top Floor. This had forced me a couple times to go to work with unwashed clothes while I still was employed with 7 - 11 before being illegally fired.

One time having made a sarcastic remark with someone maintenance getting spare parts ordered from Mexico from someone that person responded he heard the parts came from Germany. I do remember being kinda stunned and startled by this response since I didn't expect anything to come about from my sarcasm. If it was true they had to get spare parts from Germany, then that means something else strange is going on beyond making it look like elevators needed subsequent fixing which I have never known a new constructed apartment made by spare parts from Ikea would still be needed.

Basic maintenance of these elevators I could’ve sworn was either the culprit or contributed to the amount of deaths I noticed in the few short years I lived there. Starting that Fall or Winter of 2014, may have been November, 2 members of Staff who were twins passed away unexpectedly. Didn’t think of it being strange at the time but over time I noticed Tenants starting dropping like flies passing away unexpectedly without any substantial cause or social support around them as we were practically barred from visiting one another due to the restricting elevator access to other floors. This issue was made as I wouldn't be surprised if the lack of elevator maintenance was part of the passing as one time the tenants were forced to wait for what felt like 10 - 20 minutes for the EMS to come up and 10 - 20 minutes to go down. This issue was already abhorrent as many times we only had one elevator during the subsequent and what felt like constant fire alarms ranging from every other day to every other week. As if the staff was getting a kick out of playing games with us. And enjoying the fact that many of us chose to walk up 12 sets of floors several times as it was faster than to wait 20 or so minutes to cram 5 to 6 people at time into a small ass elevator and be scared if someone might fart, cough, sneeze, jump, or just be fat to the point the only functional elevator would break down forcing us to walk up and down the stairs on a routine basis. Sometimes some of us just gave up and didn't bother leaving our bachelor pads for this issue.

The Garbage chute eventually also became an issue for some strange reason, I have never been accused as a tenant before of somehow damaging the Garbage Chute which the staff members had done during multiple Landlord Tenant Meetings which became an Irritant. FIrst it was the price of getting the dump truck driver in to remove the full BFI Bin, then it was “It Takes the Dump Truck Company a Full Week to Deliver from the Mustard Seed 1010 Building to the Dump!” Which is why the Chutes were subsequently locked and garbage piled up. This being strangest accusation since I’ve been a Janitor before and have never accused them of prices since it's not my concern or “EVEN WITNESSED A FULL WEEKS DELAY” from the time the dump truck driver picked up the BFI bin and send it to the dump and back. It’d take maybe an hour at most. Not a whole week. So what's the reason why we’re being forced to let the Garbage Pile up?

They even accused us of being lazy when this happened too stating that we should bring the garbage back to our Bachelor pads. Even if the garbage wasn't ours to bring back. Even when they bitched at me for being extremely Filthy for them to step in and clean when all they saw was a couple of kitchen wall stains of mustard and some routine foot dirt at the entrance door. When one person challenged that idea the member who was constantly accused of being lazy said “It’d be best to bring the garbage downstairs and into the BFI Bin across the street even if those who were crippled enough to walk nowhere in life. THis also came as an Issue as the administration building across the street wouldn't allow anyone to throw their garbage in their BFI Bin.


There had supposedly been internal theft here since I've started hearing tenants claim random personal items went missing when the staff had cleaned their bachelor pads. I had brought this up to some tenants because I had noticed the usual host of the Landlord/Tenant meetings had actually started complaining staff lunches went missing from the Games/Movie/Social Room Kitchen. This had stumped me a bit, if the staff have their own offices, how the hell would this idea come about? We have no access to their personal offices which then this type of activity couldn’t have been taking place. This Host, had subsequently entered another set of complaints of remote controls from TVs on all floors went missing and somehow she knew the remote controls were $5 each at the pawn shop and that's why she somehow knew tenants were stealing them. Well, strange because the building is loaded with security Cameras so it’d be extremely difficult to not find the supposed culprit.

Also, I noticed the staff had possibly been stealing from us on their end. During Landlord Tenant Meetings, we had the odd Tim Hortons Card given away. One of the two I had received from them had already been used which had me thinking they were using the coffee cards for themselves. The Tim Hortons Cards were taken out of the Donations as part of the gifts to Tenants. So why would a Tim Hortons card be used by staff members? They have access to all Coffee Cards. I brought this up to Kevin, my supposed case worker who was assigned to me when my first case worker left to go back to Ontario. He did absolutely nothing about it.

Just prior to eventually moving out, I had the idea the staff were also stealing Donations from organizations as well. The Mustard seed were given work out bikes, treadmills, and Televisions for our Games/Movie Room which we barely even allowed to use. The TV wasn't even allowed to be used even after they installed it. The Work out machines had been stored away for several months before actually being set up for tenant access just before I left. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stole those donations gifted to the mustard seed for tenants to use.


When the first or second wave of us who moved in were allowed to have limited to no outside visitors whatsoever and no alcohol or merijuana use, as well as the smokers were supposed to be outside on the ground floor for smokes as Allan Markin is or was the supposed private contractor for this public subsidized housing for low income workers and was Pro christian which did kinda have me feeling thankful as by this point I’ve been sickened to my stomach of the constant laziness of all these issues not being valued in my life.

They had contradicted the shit out of themselves on all three. Was about 8 months to nearly a year in when Kevin, my case worker at the Mustard Seed told me Alcohol was now being permitted in the tenants bachelor pads and reinforced during one of our Landlord/Tenant meetings. Which was strange as our leases stated otherwise as we all knew that many of these people were to be sober and not needing to be around alcohol or the scent of it. This had gotten so far that within that year one of the neighbors on the floor was so intoxicated off listerine that he wanted to borrow another movie from me forgetting the fact he still had owed me a movie he borrowed from me earlier either in the month or year. For those who don’t know, Native Canadians are so grief stricken they abuse listerine as if it was cheap shit fire water. I only lasted 2 training shifts at The Great Canadian SuperStore in which our trainer had told us to question Natives who were buying listerine as the company didn't want to be held responsible for the consumption of an alcoholic product. We were only allowed to let Natives have listerine if they were buying it as part of their shopping order.

The callousness of the smokers became a problem; each floor only came with a 2 person balcony only. And they refused to go to the BBQ balcony floor or downstairs to the street to smoke and many smoked regularly which strickedn the rest of us non smokers little to no access to the public balcony. Sometimes many of us had to breath their smoke as from time to time it filtered into the tenants' apartments. Many of us had brought this up during our landlord/tenant meetings as well as I have asthma and no one wanted to do a damn thing about it except let us argue over each other as the staff watched and enjoyed themselves.

When Justin Trudeau decided to get the Merijuana act passed, this gave the staff the idea to allow possible Marijuana use also against the leasing terms we all agreed on. Even though they started Circulating this issue before and after many meetings we had with the staff, I was against it and reminded them I had asthma and many pot users would blatantly smoke up at their own will. The cigarette smokers were already blatantly callous about smoking and I knew pot users can be more blatantly callous than them.

The worst part of security was the fact they would eventually allow homeless natives, regardless if they were drunk, high on pot, or still on meth to camp out in the lobby by the elevators. This issue made many of the women scared and completely uncomfortable as we didnt know if any of them were capable of violence. This had become an increasingly big concern beweeting Christmas of 2015 and the moment I moved out Summer of 2017. None of the staff did anything on this issue either despite the fact we constantly questioned if security would stop allowing this to happen. Especially when we basically weren’t allowed to have or limited visitations. Safety definitely was never an issue with the organization.


About the last winter or so I had lived at the Seed 1010 building, I noticed our volunteer hadn’t shown up not once but several times for games night which was strange. And the story circulated was that she was ordered to buy the snacks out of her own pocket since they were no longer interested in funding the Games/Movies Night Snacks. Which is really strange. All that money raised and subsidizing and somehow they chose to no longer fund basic snacks for us to much on. Really strange and still irritates me.


One thing which was never really attested was as to why they would advertise a Cable/Internet/Landline bundle for just $10/month which was severely strange since society had already become cableless and wireless. Rumors of those who did accept this supposed bundle with Shaw Cable didn't really get anything out of it except a sports channel, a news channel, and a forigne language channel all of which no one gives a shit about. And those who care about sports already had no longer had cable as entertainment is not online. So why such a stupid ass bundle for those of us whom aren’t even either in need of this or have other needs outside this offer.

Shaw was supposedly contracted with the 1010 Building which is apparently why they made this offer to us. When asked during one of our meetings about other service providers, the claim made that wasnt allowed as they were contracted with shaw and those of us with needs aside from a couple stupid channels and a sports card channel were supposedly to get 10% off each month just for being a tennant which never happened even though it was stated as such in this individual contract. Come to think of it, I’m wondering if that was the staff allowed to get 10% off for every person they get signed up as part of the mustard seeds contract.


I Had posted this one about the moment I had received the Landlord's Response to my Complaint with the Landlord/Tenant Resolution which eventually went to court.

Evidence I collected the past 13 months I think it was, just before moving out. Hope Google allows all to see as I have given permission viewers to see what I had wrote at the time. Notes I've entered as of July 4th 2022.


I noticed suspicious behavior with their blood test results so I simultaneously had my family doctor for blood test results as well and they were 200% Different. Currently unable to find these results as I’ve been forced to move several times since then.

I had also noticed they were freely advertising free products for several months at the Mustard Seed 1010 Building.



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