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Muted On City Of Calgary Reddit

Well I've been wanting to support the gay communities for as long as I remember which has insidiously erroded over the past decade. This has been because more and more people from the so called self proclaimed minority communities claim unfair bias' which has subsequently been intentionally punished over. All because of of these few people feel entitled over my life and the life of others. Last years Calgary Pride Parade of 2019 has been the most recant problem.

I attended being under the impression a non violant parade was to be held as it supposedly been promoted for the passed few years at my church. What I found was completely and utterly inappropriete for familes and children. Apparently gays and strieghts parading themselves and there children around semi nude people who felt being gay is rights to publicly perform as what I've been told is adult content. And that I;ve been subsequently accused of sexual harrasement many times in my life as far back as kindergarden. A huge portions of the accusations were false accusations made out of the blue. All because I was in the presence of women and that somehow scared or frightened them. Other accusations were made after I stated that a girl had nice eyes or I thought she had a nice personality. Somehow I was accused as sexually harrassing women and children.

Yet much of the parade was gays dancing in what I saw as sexually suggestive ways. Ways I have no memory of dancing like and been accused of. Yet Gays are allowed to be publicly entertaining the public as adult dancers along with Semi Nude women whom were allowed to bring children to the parade and have them dress up in ways that came off as sexualized dancers the same way Jone Benete Ramsey went through before she was murdered.

Taking a couple snap shots of some of the adult style dancing I posted a Picture in the City of Calgary Sub Reddit as a concern to health and safety of Single Streight White Men and Children. This because as I stated before I've been violated and victumized many times through out my life without support or interest from anyone claiming to care for livelyhood of others.

This is the response:

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