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Omegle Trash

Well, I recorded this April 16th 2021 sometime after originally visiting and couldn't beleive I saw men masterbating after i had conversed with unsupervised Minors of all ages who were on omegle for a variety of reasons. This one I can't remember if there was masterbating but this is a glimps of what I assumed was part if the internets past. However, it so happens omegle and other social sites like this contribute unautherized aburd behavour without any supervision and recoil to what happens to whom it happens too. Whats so insulting and humiliating is the lack of progress of such sites that allow this to happen when in the real world men like me are convicted of such crimes and people like these are not. Please take caution when entering Omegle and sites like it. As it has cause distress Ive been trying to get over for years.

Anyone else think this is emotionally and psychollogically abusive?


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