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Under Re - Organization

Decided it was time to Re Organizing my website after several years of ownership. My ideas of what I wish to work on intrudes on what I was promoting and using this site for.

What I'm Planning:


I have been feeling it was time to re organize my beats I have had for some time. Beats which have been created over the years which I'm unsure could be still be sold or listend to in todays modern society.

Plan is to go through and root out the best tunes I have created and root out not only the sturdy and strong beats but also have them updated digitially in hopes to keep them with todays media standerds.


For the time being it is unsure I will be able to go back to streaming games via twitch as originally thought would be great to keep this site as active as I could possible. But my attention has been elsewhere in life to even keep this idea currently in tact. So I am reverting to an old idea or set of ideas originally on my mind which I have always wish to get into entertainment wise.

This includes Cartooning, Music Making, Possibly Video Streaming, and most I'm feeling needing my current day focus, Sports Streaming. Calgary has been going through some radical changes the past fifteens since having Mayor Naheed Nenshi entering and retiring as North Americas first Musilim Mayor ever and with Covid restrictions radical changes have become more radical than our most beloved Mayor Right leaning Liberal muslim who retired during covid.

Not that Calgary and much of Canada had already started on this change even during the 90s with my generation understanding how life works via the faults of our parents and their parents, life I'm unaware if Canadians have ever predicted we'd be one of the few contries undergoing redevelopment from its former self. This leading me to believe Calgary is becoming less conservative in the old sense of what conservativism had previously defind as for maybe a century of certain type of thinking and people more willing than ever to spend a few dollers on local entertainment which includes sports outside of not just Hockey but Wrestling as well.

I feel I am finally have some kind of real estate to promote and invest in both sports development and competition. The first event I intend to help by attending and hoping to snipe a few matches with my camera is The Golden Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament being held the end of April of this year at Deerfoot Inn and Casino over the course of two days.

In mean time I am rationing my attention to smaller forms of online entertainment such as quick cheap videos, two to four minute cartoon videos, and as I have stated before music.

Hope to have something up soon.



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