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Unitarian Church Of Calgary/ Canadian Unitarian Council/Unitarian Association of America and LGBTQ

Unitarian Church of Calgary/ Canadian Unitarian Council/ American Unitarian Association and Funding Leftist Radical LGBTQ Ideologs like Transing and Sexualizing the Youth and Pro Feminism Anti Straight Single Male Issues.

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Do these issues concern anyone else? Many of these issues come after watching What is a Woman by Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire.


After watching WHAT IS A WOMAN By MATT WALSH OF THE DAILY WIRE, It is almost certain this congregation along with the Canadian Unitarian Council and American Unitarian Association intentionally heavily investing Radical leftist ideologies which not just the includes THE TRANSING OF YOUTH AND TEENS, But include the Unsupervised Youth Sexuality workshops called OWL PROGRAM, funded by the congregation and hosted by alcoholic women with prior convictions drunk driving infractions or Divorce court proceedings and who have no education or experience with mental health in relation to dropping out of high school; Anti Racism Workshops hosted by black American Males who claim to be either Psychologists or Doctors from the United States with no prior credentials to prove their education or background only because America is Racist only to find out Canada is extremely racists as well and sell books off the market to members of the congregation alongside Anti Racism Workshops; LGBTQ and Trans sermons and workshops along side PRO WOMENS RIGHTS and LESBIAN RIGHTS sermons and workshops to education members of the congregation to know what its like to be a Woman, Lesbian, and Transgendered person in society today; HIRING WOMEN THAN LESBIANS THAN GAYS THAN TRANS and training them to be ministers for a full year under the Minister in Training over normal individuals of society whov’ve already done the work just because they wish to use these individuals to prove how inclusive they are than have them immediately removed since they dont care for men or Transgendered and dont care for men as long as it makes them money. SINGLE MOTHERS, LESBIANS, GAYS, BLACK FATHERS, AND TRANSGENDERED are allowed to supposedly also volunteer without the required background or criminal check as to who the volunteers are whom are entering the church. Some members of the youth organizers are even paid to volunteer their time because they are single white females who refuse to get work. Who knows how much they pay to be a youth organizer in tax free income because it’s not like many of them are working and are unable to get further assistance from either RED CROSS or ALBERTA WORKS to pay rent and raise their own children.

All the sermons already are stated in the sermons throughout the year, they still charge people $20 a person for three to five classes in all Workshops stated while giving the first class free. The selected individuals are paid tax exempt income to host these workshops/sermons either have no prior education due to dropping out of highschool or have no experience in the health field and have provided no credentials to support their background. All the while not allowing straight white males, husbands, or fathers to question these workshops as several members of administration along with the ministers have stated men have no real problems and only look at careers via an invisible glass ceiling.

From what I have seen they could be just scamming individuals of the congregation out of money as a majority of the people are elderly or have all kinds of mental and physical impairments. Which would make it nearly impossible to see the true intent of the administration as many who are impaired have no support system nor other members of society to question the actions of the people involved.

Associated with the Church


Have not provided any actual resources or background for the individual or individuals they’ve supposedly hired to host these youth and child events.





#1250, 407 - 2nd ST SW

Calgary Alberta Canada

Although now a charity for transgendered youth, we don't know if this is a legitimate charity as Individuals allowed are those with two references. However, the members of the congregation are selective to who they give references too and I would not be surprised they would allow Gays, Lesbians, Blacks, Trans Gendered, or Divorced Single Women in with out having any kind of reference what so ever. What a great way to indoctrinate children behind the backs of parents, adults, and Donors.


I remember a couple of Ministers in Training, one did his work here at the Unitarian Church of Calgary. His name is Chris Rothbaur who came from Detroit since apparently the Unitarian Association Council didn’t train Gay Practitioners despite being left leaning Pro Lesbian, Gay, And Trans Rights. Which was strange because as I witnessed, the Unitarian Church of Calgary was or still is Feminist Dominant whom didnt seem to like or care for Single White Men. The other was Danielle Webber, formerly of our congregation, who did her training in another city.

At the time I wasn’t thinking much of it but both, as I think about it now, have some kind of staple attached to them. Chris Rothbaur did make a strange comment once during a caring committee hour with him, Former Reverend Debrah Faulk, and myself stating some people of the congregation just want to be a star. Which is a strange comment to make for someone doing his year of pastoral training. Danielle Webber if I think about it, may have been used by her parents for them to profit off of. Since her mother, Beverly Webber, the one whom hosted the OWL YOUTH SEXUAL EDUCATION PROGAM, seemed to helicopter around her.

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